China, Russia & Pakistan, The World’s New Superpower Axis

China, Russia & Pakistan, The World’s New Superpower Axis

The world is coming toward a bipolar world with China, Russia, Pakistan and a number of other authoritarian countries of Central Asia for getting benefits of Gwadar Deep Sea Port for Development of their industries and distribution of their products as well.

If you take interest in today’s geopolitics, you probably know that the relations between Russia and Pakistan have recently seen a significantly friendly. It is reasonable to say that the two countries – who were Cold War rivals – are getting closer.

Meanwhile, China, who is a traditional ally of Pakistan and has always supported and invested huge funds for development of gwadar deep sea port and Russian interest in becoming a part of CEPC is showing clear signs of forming this new China-Russia-Pakistan triangle,

Formidable China-Russia-Pakistan Triangle

First, Moscow lifted its self-imposed weapons embargo on Islamabad, and then the Cold War rivals signed a historical military cooperation agreement, which was based on exchange of politico-military information, beefing up the countries’ defense and counter-terrorism

Russian state-owned company Rostec Corporation also announced its plans to build a 680-mile gas pipeline to Pakistan by 2017 costing about $2.5 billion.